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New York, NY 10010
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Music is Boss.

Since 2005 New York-based Boss Sounds has been a committed music marketing company offering artist representation; PR and marketing services; custom-made products for both music and non-music entities; and music licensing. By working with artists, record companies, music supervisors, major brands, media outlets, music publishers, digital services, and distributors, Boss Sounds presents ways to bring music to consumers in today's markets, and provides an opportunity for artists to be discovered.

A MARKETING COMPANY known primarily for its association with iconic jazz and classical artists, we have become an eclectic umbrella group working closely with clients on all aspects of a campaign, combining public relations and multi-format marketing for maximum exposure. We secure the rights to songs for film & TV and create CD compilations for promotions and special projects, working with recorded artists like Diana Krall, Ray Charles, Patti Smith and Norah Jones. We set up new product releases for developing artists and create consumer awareness and market availability for their assets. We also work with networks and production companies to develop special programming for national and international broadcast outlets. Our standard-setting, detailed weekly reports reflect creative planning and execution. We generate interesting written correspondence—to the right medium at the right time—in order to meet the goals of each campaign, and our communication and collaboration with our clients is unparalleled. ...
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