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Doing Jazz

On this show, Lorens Chuno presents captivating conversations with enterprising jazz musicians. These conversations are free-form in nature and casually explore the origin, work life, and latest work of these artists; but don't be surprised to hear about their opinions on current issues, and maybe one or two pieces of advice for people interested in their chosen art field. Come here every week for a new episode of the podcast, and find out how these inspiring jazz practitioners DO JAZZ.

Some recent guests include pianist Elio Villafranca, guitarist Leni Stern, and vocalist Alicia Olatuja, just to mention a few. If you are on Spotify, please follow the Doing Jazz PlayList, a one-stop playlist for songs by all the Doing Jazz guests so far. While on iTunes, please rate the show, leave a comment, and share the show with your loved ones.

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  1. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    A conversation with Majid (September 20, 2018)
  2. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    A conversation with Elio Villafranca (September 09, 2018)


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