Jay Hoggard's Africaribbean Vibes at Pelham Bay Park

Jay Hoggard uploaded this event on July 17, 2018


Pelham Bay Park
Middletown Road and Stadium Ave
Bronx, NY


Fri, August 17, 2018
6:00 pm


Jay Hoggard
Jay Hoggard


Chembo Corniel
Chembo Corniel


Patience Higgins
Patience Higgins

saxophone, baritone


Acclaimed vibraphonist/composer JAY HOGGARD has touched the hearts and souls of listeners for over 40 years. Drawing on traditional and contemporary musical vocabulary to develop new directions for the vibraphone, Hoggard blends jazz and gospel roots with African marimba rhythms. Mr. Hoggard presents performances of blues, bop, and ballads that seamlessly blend with his innovative original compositions.

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Mr. Hoggard has recorded 22 CDs as a leader and over 50 as collaborator, including THE RIGHT PLACE, HARLEM HIEROGLYPHS, SONGS OF SPIRITUAL LOVE, and SWING ‘EM GATES. As a composer, Hoggard has been commissioned by the dance troupe Sankofa Kuumba and the Hartford Symphony to compose two collaborative musical works: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE OCEAN and LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR, and has received other notable commissions from Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Hartford Festival of Jazz and Wesleyan University....

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