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Highline Ballroom


431 W 16th St
New York, NY 10011
ph. (212) 414-5994


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Date Detail Price
Ana Popovic
Highline Ballroom
New York, NY
The Rippingtons, Rippingtons
Highline Ballroom
New York, NY


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Highline Ballroom

People who don't have preferences or have trouble making decisions might find the calendar of upcoming events comprehensively listed on the Highline Ballroom's website a bit daunting at first. In the middle of the trendier-by-the-minute Meatpacking District, on West 16th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, just a few brisk paces from the newly opened High Line Park, it's got much to offer a music lover's wish list. And it doesn't matter what kind of music. Because this venue's got it: rock, indie rock, pop, folk, hiphop, country, experimental and genres yet to be named. And then, there's the jazz...

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